Female hand draw SEO Search Engine OptimizationMyBasic LLC has the qualifications and experience to be your solution for Web Design, Ecommerce , SEOVideo Production, Advertising , PR, and Marketing Services. With 7 years experience we believe we can help your business grow. Whether your business is in state, out of state, or out of country we can help you with your business needs. If you’re a new or existing business and need help marketing and branding your business MyBasic LLC can help. With over seven years of experience our team of experience professionals encompass the ability to assist you in developing and sustaining your business. We’re a hop, skip, and a jump from downtown Atlanta. We really enjoy what we do and look at ourselves as an extension of your business. Whether it be Marketing, Advertising, PR , Video Production, Web Hosting, or Web Presence (Web Design, Online Marketing, SEO) we have people qualified to help you accomplish your business goals.

At MyBasic LLC, our goal is to continuously meet and exceed client needs, expectations, and achieve substantial results on the projects we work on. We value our relationships and look to nurture existing ones and establish new ones. From Corporations,  Non-Profits, Universities, Associations, Local, and Federal government Agencies, MyBasic LLC’s seeks to help those who strive for greatness achieve just that. We work with start up business, medium businesses, and have the capacity and creative drive to help fortune 500 companies.

Starting a new business as well as sustaining an existing business can be a daunting task, we know first hand having been around since 2008.Web-Design-Content-Management-Systems-Ecommerce-MyBasicLLC-Can-Help
We’ve also learned you can’t do everything yourself if you want to grow, compete, and win in your industry. Are you happy with the results of you achieved last year growing your business? Did you meet the revenue goals you set out to? If not I believe having a conversation with us would be in your best interest. We enjoy what we do and that within itself is worth it’s weight in gold, why? We figure out what it takes to get our clients from point A (where we start) to point B (Growth). This may involve creating a new web design or providing search engine optimization services. It may involve shooting a commercial because your audience is visual and this marketing tool helps them better understand why they need your product or service. We take your ideas and help them come to life. You may be looking to take part in that multi-billion dollar industry that is Ecommerce and need a reliable and experienced team to help build your online store, MyBasic LLC is that team. The first step in enabling us to help you is giving us a call
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