Thanks for stopping by My Basic LLC, Interesting name huh?  We are a Web Development, Marketing, and Advertising Team nested in Atlanta Georgia. Since our business involves the internet we can help clients just about anywhere in the U.S. and world. We are a humble group and have been privileged to help entrepreneurs since 2008. It continues to be an awesome learning experience working with the best of the best. We continue to learn and grow as technology and the services we offer continue to evolve.

Can we help you with your project? Once we’ve heard what the scope of your project is, your budget, your time frame for completion, and the complexity of work involved we can give you a more definitive answer. We want to say yes to everything but sometimes we have to gracefully decline if it’s beyond our scope, at least we’re being honest.

Over the years we’ve been blessed to build lots of websites, ecommerce stores, video commercials, and assist people with their marketing and advertising needs. We have worked with many startup businesses and bigger businesses like Goodwill and the city of Atlanta. An attribute at the core of My Basic LLC is our ability to problem solve. We adapt well to technology and we do our best to position our clients to benefit from the wisdom and knowledge we continue to learn. If something is broke, we figure out a way to fix it. If it’s not broke we figure out ways to make it better.

We enjoy the relationships we’re able to develop and maintain through our work, it’s one of the key factors that make what we do worthwhile. Providing the services we do give us the opportunity to contribute positively to our client’s journey. We want to see the clients who work with us succeed, that’s a passion of our hands down. Sure the entrepreneurs who appear on shark tank a lot of times have great ideas and so do the people we work with. We serve the price conscious and businesses who aren’t so concerned with cost as they are a robust solution that helps them meet and exceed their business objectives. If you’d like to know if we can help call us today. Below is a brief visual breakdown of the services and features in each bracket we offer