Our Story

My Basic LLC is a marketing communications firm based in Atlanta, Georgia with more than 8 years of experience and ambitions for the global marketplace. Just like you, we’re a constantly growing company, so we understand the ups and downs of running a small business best. We aim to work with both emerging and established businesses like yours to help you develop your brand and build your business on both the local and world stage. Public Relations is not an overnight process, but rather, a longterm job that connects you with your audience and teaches you about their wants, needs, and interests. Our constantly-evolving marketing tools and techniques help you meet your audience where they are, and our advertising programs are tailored to fit your needs as a business, as well as the needs of the customers you’re seeking.

What first began as a favor between friends has since evolved into My Basic LLC. Eight years of experience has given us the perspective of both successes and failures. And along the way, we’ve discovered a passion for problem-solving and high quality client service. As a seasoned business, we’ve seen the ups and downs of the business climate, and we aim to bring that perspective with us to each and every company we work with.

Our Chief Mountaineer, Steward, often says, “Life is filled with challenges, wins, and failures, but with the Lord on our side and hard work, we’ll succeed at whatever we set our minds to.” We’re passionate about what we do and we value the relationships we form along the way. Helping the customer is our greatest love, so that’s what we aim to do each and every day.

Our Mission

Our mission as fellow climbers will always be to serve our fellow man, woman, and community. We continually strive to learn, apply experience, and provide the best services possible to help you reach the top of your mountain. There’s many mountains to climb and, Lord-willing, we’ll help a million people reach theirs in this lifetime. There are many facets to this success, however, including excellent client relationships and a dedicated team of professionals. We aim to continuously learn, invest, and utilize our creative prowess to reach the apex together.

Prowess (Expertise)

All of the services we offer are tools designed to help our clients reach the top of their mountain. You’ll need a good pair of boots, water, and a handy map. There are other essential tools you’ll need too, and you can select the main tool below to learn more and see how we can help.

Our Goals

My Basic LLC is continuously seeking to develop into a reputable enterprise that helps local communities and businesses alike. We strive to cater to each customer’s need and be an indispensible asset.

Short Term Goals:

  1. Provide an excellent service/product/
  2. Create jobs (paid jobs and internships 10 a year)
  3. Help 100 clients reach their vision/goal
  4. Provide the best customer service possible
  5. Create an app that will help businesses be more effective at sales
  6. Stay Debt Free as a Small Business
  7. Expand into an office building permanently

Long Term Goals:

  1. Become a reputable brand, become and stay profitable
  2. Mentor and be mentored
  3. Create several patents/inventions that benefit society
  4. Expand into multiple cities
  5. Expand into several countries
  6. Invest in other business
  7. Invest resources/time in local causes (Foster Care, At risk Youth, Business Devel opment, Diabetes Research, Samaritan’s Purse)

Let’s create your company’s growth strategy together!


Marketing is like the map for your climb—the tool you need to bring you and your customer together. It’s the proactive approach by businesses to say, “Hey, we’d like to reach you and help you.” There are different sized marketing budgets, different plans, and each is tailored to fit your individual needs. There are probably a thousand other companies out there climbing the same mountain as you; marketing gives you the edge you need to separate your brand from the pack.
Listed below are some additional tools we offer to help you on your climb:

  • Marketing Consulting
  • Web Hosting
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design/Ecommerce
  • SEO
  • Brand Marketing
  • Promotional Products
  • Social Media
  • Analytics


Advertising acts as your boots for your mountain climb—promoting your product or service on the ground as the substance between you and your client. It’s likely that the lives of your audience are moving at a hundred miles a minute. Advertising is the tool you need to grab their attention in the midst of their busy day-to-day lives and retain it in their memory.

Listed below are some additional tools we offer to help you on your climb:

  • TV
  • Billboard
  • Radio
  • Print
  • Internet

Public Relations

Just as water is essential for a mountain climb, Public Relations is essential for business. Without PR, your business won’t thrive, let alone survive the elements of this journey. It’s an absolute necessity when it comes to interacting with and understanding the wants and needs of your audience. Business is about community, and a successful business understands that fostering those relationships by adequately informing your audience so that they’re able to make well-founded decisions is a critical piece to their success.

Listed below are some additional tools we offer to help you on your climb:

  • Public Affairs
  • Product launches/tours
  • Corporate/Employee Communications
  • Crisis Management
  • Story Telling
  • Brand protection (limit exposure)
Web Design
Web Design is another essential marketing tool used to help you reach your audience.
Your brand is more than just a business. It’s a living, breathing, feeling entity.
Search Engine Optimization
When you look for something online you look by typing in keywords, your audience
App Development
At My Basic LLC we’re an aspiring and growing provider of mobile application

Our Team Members

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Anika Mollik


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Jillur Rahman


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