We provide valuable Construction and Building Data at scale.

Before, during, and after construction, it is good to have data that is valuable and usable. During pre-construction, we aim to give all stakeholders a visual of the scope of your project and plans through our drone services.

We are ready to accomplish this at all phases of construction and our services will allow you to track progress over time and gain valuable intel on your project. We are here to help you improve safety, provide updates to stakeholders, and integrate the data we collect to make your plan flow.

We can provide precise and volumetric analysis with the goal of accurately tracking material usage and equipment during all phases of your project. This is accomplished both through the hardware and software we use with our drones.


If you need Infrared or Lidar for your project we’ll choose the right toolset and get the job done.

With Stew’s Drone services we are flying to increase cost efficiency and reduce potentially dangerous situations, that is the beauty of sending drones in to give you an aerial perspective. We accomplish the mission through images, video, and thermal data if needed to provide you with thorough data reports.

If you need 3D or 2D Mapping for your project to give you more in-depth data or aerial view rest assured, we use tools like Pix4D and sky browse to get the shot. We can create interactive models to show your stakeholders the progress you are making. There is nothing better than a project that is on schedule…well maybe a project that is ahead of schedule.

Where can our drone services be put to work? Offshore, utility, industrial, commercial, and residential projects.

Do you need consulting services? Our experienced team would be more than happy to talk with you about your project. That is a good place to start so we can learn more about your goals, project needs, and scope. This way we bring the right tools to accomplish the mission.  That’s what Stew’s Drone Services is all about… customer service and accomplishing the mission.

We have the flying skills to enable the technology we use to be put to optimal use. Let’s talk today, shall we?