Using drone footage can give your audience a unique visual of your properties.

There are noticeable amounts of people moving around the US to different cities and states for various reasons. What better way to visually reach prospective buyers than visually stunning drone videos.  With CRE we want to help your commercial properties in a unique and memorable drone presentation.

Why should you choose Aerial Video for Real Estate Marketing?

A distinct and visually stunning perspective. If you will position your property so it can be seen by a prospective buyer before they’ve seen it in person you’re steps ahead of your competitors. Here at Stew’s Drone Services our aerial videos and photography are produced by an experienced and professional team who understand that goal.

The competition in the commercial real estate market is ferocious and it is vital to pull out the best tools to present your property online. Marketing is everything and adding aerial videography and photography takes it to the next level.

Traditional marketing is still important but it’s even more important to note that the majority of your audience spend larger amounts of time on their smartphone, watch YouTube, and have several social media accounts. Our goal is to help you reach them with memorable visual imagery.