We’re a small business located in Marietta, Georgia and we specialize in Digital Marketing, website design, videography, and several other services to help businesses market their business in the real world and online. We’d like to learn more about your project needs. 

Below is a snapshot of the services we provide:

Website Design


If you’re looking for an experienced website designer to build your website would like to be of service. We have over 13 years of experience building end-user-focused websites and online stores.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing gets its roots from marketing in that we’re helping you reach your audience online through the various mediums they use. Social media channels like FaceBook, Youtube, Online Searches, their favorite websites, and streaming platforms they like to hang out at online.

App Development

If you have an app idea and need an app developer to build your app on android, ios, and the web we’d like to be of service. We work with you from start to finish, which includes design, development, testing, and launch. We have no problems signing an NDA if needed.

Drone Services


If you need drone services for your next project give us a call so we can learn more about your needs. Are you in need of surveying and mapping? We are part 107 certified with the FAA to fly drones and get you the data/shots you need. If you need aerial photography/videography we’re ready to get you the shot.



If you need videography services to help promote your business that’s going to be key in making your business visible. People are visual and there is a time crisis or so it seems as people are continually on the go. It’s easier for them to watch a video that will complement your services and products. From pre-production, production, and post we have the creative and professional experience to bring your services to life.

Graphic Design


Whether you need a logo or graphic design for your website or brand we have a unique and creative perspective that can propel your brand. Give us a try.



Virtual Reality is happening and there are ways you can use it to boost your business, brand, and virtual connectivity ability. Imagine empowering your team the ability to telework all the while being in the same virtual space to collaborate in an emersed virtual environment. We can do that with VR.

Web Hosting


If you’re in need of web hosting services for your website? We’d love to provide that service and be good stewards of your web hosting. Why us? We’re about keeping your website up 99.9% of the time.

Advertising Services


Advertising and Marketing go hand in hand traditionally and on the internet. This is one of the key ways to reaching your audience effectively.

As a local digital marketing agency in Marietta, Georgia, our goal is simple—to organically and systematically help our clients appear in search results for keywords people are using to find their services and products, including those keywords that aren’t as popular but are getting traffic. 

Our strategy is as diverse as the customers of our clients. There is no one way to reach and connect with people. Life is very fluid right now. Our goal is to continuously position our client’s websites so they can reach the people who are looking for them. This is done with search engine marketing, content development, and other unique ideas to support them in connecting with their audience. This helps their website gain visibility online from day one.

When our clients need a website that has good UX/UI, they reach out to the right website design team to provide them with website design services. Whether they’re in need of a website that is mobile-friendly or want to add an online store to sell new products or services, we develop and implement custom solutions that help them.

Some have sought an app development agency to build their app and our team has come through both in design and development. They needed custom features on Android, IOS, and Web and we delivered. Each day we strive to be good stewards of the projects we are given the opportunity to work on. Need help with your project? Call us!

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Video Services: Wright Law Alliance December 2020

  Our team created a video for the Wright Law Alliance to help them market their services. We used Photoshop, After Effects, and Premiere to create this short commercial. We used Cubase to create the music which is copyrighted with Library of Congress. Rather than add basic pictures which still tell a story we animated […]

A Digital Marketing Agency Drives Growth

If you’re an Atlanta business there is a growing case to work with a Georgia based digital marketing agency. The right team will learn where you are and come up with a plan to help you achieve where you’re striving to go. The digital marketing world is fluid and it is to your advantage to […]


Small Business Support Is What We Do.

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C Trans Lines

(Booking System App)

The team at C Trans Lines had an idea of creating an app to make travel simpler for their clients who normally book with them. They wanted to create an app that would allow cusotmers who have both an android phone and Iphone the ability to download and access route information as well as the ability to book one way or round trip.

My Basic LLC developed and managed our small nonprofit’s website for two years. They developed a WordPress site that met all our needs, and they were always responsive when we needed help, such as when we changed payment providers. Patient and friendly.

The staff of My Basic LLC are a phenomenal team with great results. They are both professional and punctual. I would highly recommend them to other healthcare colleagues.
I had such a rewarding educational experience!! I learned SO MUCH about the strategies that I could implement for my business to flourish and succeed!! The information I received in one hour would have take me forever to receive and figure out on my own but Steward’s expertise and knowledge wowed me and I could not be more happy with this service.
Wow, the team at My Basic LLC showed out!!! They are outstanding in their
services, remarkable customer service and goes the extra mile for customer satisfaction.
Your Team does excellent work. I absolutely Love my website. I will refer your company to many. Thank you for your wonderful services.
-Nicole ( Buhter Up)


Let’s imagine for a moment you have a mobile app idea, an idea that meets a need in a world where smartphones are more abundant than cars. How do you get your app to market? A fluid digital marketing plan and a team bent on bringing that plan to life. Which platform do you want your app to be released on? Google Play? Apple Store? Or both?


Let’s imagine for a moment you have a mobile app idea, an idea that meets a need in a world where smartphones are more abundant than cars. How do you get your app to market? A fluid digital marketing plan and a team bent on bringing that plan to life. Which platform do you want your app to be released on? Google Play? Apple Store? Or both?

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